Times are changing..

Dear Customers,

The times, they are a changing.

Since 2010, we have always tried to create new things to offer to the Tampa Bay area. Some have called us pioneers and give us kudos for changing the Tampa Bay dining scene. (We're still deciding if that is deserving.) But The Refinery –the way it has been for the last 6 years and 9 months- has now "been done".

Local. Pushing culinary boundaries. Farm to Fork. Offal. 100 Miles. Charcuterie. Daily changing menus. There are now a good handful of restaurants who are just like us. But it is now time for us to change. We've never fit the mold. We've never been just like everyone else. We've never wanted to be. We still have a jackalope in our dining room.

The world is changing now, too. Purse strings are tighter than ever. Political tensions are high. The answers to the world are but a click from your fingertip via your phone. A surplus of restaurants (like The Refinery) have opened over the last few years across the country. Experienced, dedicated, ethically and morally conscious cooks are getting harder and harder to find due to an inability to pay a good wage without massive menu price increases. This isn't just Tampa Bay either. Chef friends from across the country are all feeling this.

Yes, it is time for a change.

Welcome to the new Refinery. It won't look different on the outside or inside. We won't pour thousands of dollars into a remodel. We will continue to pour our dedication and passion into our craft and into our service.

The famous Refi Burger is going to take center stage now. There will be constant favorites, a few blasts from the past, and new Refi Burgers popping on and off. Small Plates & Snacks will be available to nibble on and Not Burgers will be just that. Not Burgers. These will change as Chef sees fit, too. We'll still work with our farmers, we always will but it might not be a local farm. It will certainly be a sustainable farm. Ya know, the ones who do it right.

We are not inventing the wheel, we’re just trying to Refine it.

Check out the new pricing, too. We’ll still break our backs to make this as affordable as possible to everyone, using the very best ingredients. What you put in your mouth, matters to us.

The new menu now states "It's our goal to put a smile on your face." And we hope we do just that. We hope everyone leaves with a smile on their face.

Come one friend and come all. Eat, drink, and confabulate.


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