It's definitely summer. Not sure about you, but there isn't a day we walk outside without sweating. So, when we get the occasional opportunity to take a day off and hang out by the pool, we love having a cold cocktail in tow.

Some of us here at The Refinery are lucky enough to know a few former bartenders, like our friend Summer. She created these little beauties for a lazy, poolside afternoon. They remind us of aqua fresca with a little kick - and they're a whole lot easier to make. Add a fresh fruit garnish, and you've got lunch take care of, too! 

Stay cool, folks, and happy day-drinking!

Summer’s Cocktail
Created by Summer Bohnenkamp-Jenkins
Makes four 16 ounce glasses

1 fresh Pineapple, skin and core removed 
8 ounces premium Vodka 
48 oz Crystal Light Pomegranate Cherry drink mix, prepared
Crushed Ice  
¼ fresh Watermelon, sliced into small triangles 

Cut cleaned pineapple into medium chunks. Using a hand held potato masher, mash pineapple until well crushed. Add Vodka. Stir well. Add prepared Crystal Light drink mix. Stir well. Place in fridge for minimum one hour.

Fill 16 ounce glasses half way with crushed ice. Pour cocktail over ice. Garnish with watermelon slices.