Fourth of July is this weekend, and the excitement of barbecues, flags, and fireworks fills the air. Many of you will attend or host BBQ's in celebration of this wonderful holiday. 

You can count on the fact that, at this BBQ, there will be all kinds of outdoor-sey foods - like juicy and perfectly seasoned burgers.

Hopefully at your BBQ, there will be someone like Greg - someone who takes his time with fine meat, instead of "that guy" at the grill. Crushing your perfect-burger dreams. You know, that guy who you can see using a spatula as if it were a panini press. Grinding all of the robust beef juices straight into the flickering fire that “they” call a grill.

But let's think positive thoughts, here. It's going to be a "Greg"-like BBQ this year. On behalf of everyone here at The Refinery, we wish you the best of luck with grilling this weekend at your BBQs. God Bless America and have a happy, fun, safe, and yummy Fourth of July!

Tips to creating some burger magic:

1. The perfect burger starts with the perfect meat. We use a blend a 50/50 blend of beef rib eye and tenderloin at The Refinery, ensuring a perfect ratio of fat and meat. This makes it super juicy.

2. Patties should be about 2 inches thick and seasoned well with salt. Make sure your grill is super, super hot but has no flames.

3. Flames are bad. Do not cover the grill. Cook each side for about 8 minutes to reach medium rare (Note: all grills are different. Use a thermometer to test temperature. Medium rare is 135 degrees). And remember, while the burgers are cooking, leave them alone!