Welcome to Staff Spotlight, wherein we get to know one of our bad ass staff members a little better.

The Vitals

NameDan Hebein

Position: Line Cook

Age: 28

The Fun Stuff

What is one thing people may not know about you? I’m scared of snakes.

What's the best meal you've ever had? Forever and always, deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati’s in Chicago.

What's the worst meal you've ever had? Denny’s - anywhere and anytime I make the awful decision to go there.

If you could choose any three people, dead or alive, to have dinner with, who would they be? Tom Waits, George Best, and John Stamos.

When not working, where are your favorite spots to hang out? I like Independent, or my front porch. I’m still new here.

What's your favorite Refinery dish?  The squash gratin with smoked zucchini steak - such a fun dish.

What's the last concert you went to? I saw Slayer at Bonnaroo this year.  I met their guitarist, Kerry King, who called it “Hippie Fest”, and I blushed like a little girl.